• Home hosting is a type of touristic attraction, aiming at bringing people together in the topics of folklore, life, hobbies, art, cooking and more.
  • On average, home hosting will take one or two hours, unless agreed otherwise
  • An interpersonal meeting between people on a cup of coffee or tea, with light refreshments/meal. Getting to know the hosts, their lives, hobbies, culture and more.
  • People who love people and love having people over at their home, and have the space or facilities for an enjoyable hosting experience.
  • Send an email to plp.peoplelovepeople@gmail.com and upon completion of PLP’s comprehensive hosting training you will obtain an official PLP – Home Hosting certificate and be a part of our hosting community.
  • Yes, it is mandatory to book in advance and receive the complete visit schedule.
  • On our website, you can find all the hosts’ contact details and visit information (e.g. duration, language of the host, and place). Book directly with the host.
  • In the end of the home hosting you will be asked to fill out a feedback form so that PLP can maintain the best hosting standards for future home hosting.
  • The home hosting visit (including its content, refreshments, and other elements) is entirely in the responsibility of the host.

The responsibility of the home hosting, the conduct and the quality of the visit are entirely on the hosts.

Booking home hosting directly via the hosts.

The guests are kindly requested to fill out a feedback form in the end of each visit to ensure the at most highest standards of PLP and for the future guests to come.

PLP is a marketing platform only, and is not responsible for any damage, loss, or any lawsuit by the guests.

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