PLP is a social enterprise, acting as a marketplace for people promoting people.

PLP – Home Hosting is a marketplace for touristic experiences of home hosting.

The home hosting brings together people, who meticulously host in various areas of interests such as folklore, food, art and more, with people who look for different hosting experiences based on shared interest and curiosity.

The purpose of the home hosting is to allow everyone to join the world trend of “social tourism” and take part in home hosting all around the globe.

The guests enjoy having people in their houses, getting to know people from all around the world, and at the same time exposing their leisure activities; art, health, technology, trips and more. All of this with the opportunity for an income from the visit itself.

The vision of PLP is to stimulate networking between hosts and guests on a marketing platform, with “social” costs, aiming not to make a fortune but to allow its very existence.



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